Is Home Staging Still Necessary?

Is Home Staging Still Necessary?

September 26, 2018

If you are thinking of selling your home, you may have also wondered if home staging is really necessary. While you can still sell your home without staging it, there are definite advantages to a staged home.


What Is Home Staging?


In most cases, a home is put up for sale, generally while someone is still living in it, so it contains all the furniture in each room to display as a useful and functional home. In some instances, the home is empty leaving the buyer to envision what could be made out of every room in the house. In either case, staging the home is a marketing tool that will ensure the right furniture is displayed in proper areas of each room to maximize floor space and give potential buyers a glimpse of how every room can function.


Why Does Staging Matter?


You may think of staging as an added expense but working with a real estate staging specialist can display your home in the most favorable manner possible. Even if you currently have your own furniture in the house, you can showcase your home in the best light possible by having the staging specialist use your things in a way that will be more pleasing to potential buyers.

A stager understands the best placement of furniture in an aesthetically pleasing way to make use of the flow of a room. Simply rearranging a room can change a potential buyer’s view of every square foot. A lived-in home may be full of clutter or personal items that a professional stager will minimize to provide a buyer with the best opportunity to see themselves living there rather than seeing the seller’s items.


The Value of Staging a Home


While there is a cost to staging a home with a professional that usually amounts to about 1% of the total value of the home, the return on that investment from the sale can be much more than that. Overall, it is expected that a professionally staged home sells for 10 to 20 percent above the asking price.

It can also lead to a quicker sale. In fact, according to some, a professionally staged home can sell 30 to 50 percent faster than an empty home or one that has not been staged by a professional.

So there is a cost, but the benefits could result in selling your home for much more and not having to deal with a long sale process, which can in itself be a stressful time for a seller.


If Professional Staging Is Not an Option


Although you can get the most out of staging by utilizing the services of a professional, it may not be in the budget or there may be other constraints that get in the way. If so, there are still some things you can do to at least partially stage the home on your own.

De-cluttering and removing personal items such as family photos is a good way to start. It will display your home as tidy and potential buyers can begin to envision their own lives in the home rather than seeing pictures of strangers.

Removing large pieces of furniture can clear floor space and make a room appear larger. Giving the impression of space allows a buyer to see the function of the room and think about how their furniture could fit nicely within each area. Staging is often overlooked by sellers, but the bottom line is, staging a home is definitely beneficial for a fast and profitable sale.


- Angie Kendel, from Maximum Impact Plus, is a CID Certified Interior Decorator and has vast experience with interior renovations and a passion for helping people increase the value of their home by recommending improvements to increase a home’s value and creating beautiful, aesthetic living spaces. As a CSP Certified Staging Professional, she is not only able to showcase a home for sale for that instant “WOW Factor”, she is able to increase the value of client’s home, helping them sell their home at top dollar. By applying universal design as a CAPS Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist, Angie is able to help clients with changing physical abilities today, tomorrow and anticipating their needs in the future, allowing them to maintain their independence and stay in their home longer.