Decorating With Flowers

Decorating With Flowers

October 19, 2018

The impact that greenery and flowers can add to a room’s aesthetic appeal can sometimes go underappreciated. A floral arrangement can add a welcoming feeling to a room, as well as emphasize other decor elements that may not initially catch the eye. There is more to decorating the interior of your home with flowers than you might think. Texture, color, arrangement styles, and methods of display are all important factors that need consideration. While it might sound complicated, it is also an interesting and integral part of interior decoration and design, and learning the fundamentals is not as difficult as you might think.


Look for Variety in Vessels


Most floral arrangements that you see in interior design and staged homes (still necessary?) are housed in various kinds of vessels, ranging from things like simple vases to small antique wooden barrels to metal pitchers. In terms of aesthetics, the vessel is just as important as the arrangement it holds. Some vessels are much better suited to certain styles of bouquets – for example, a slender and dainty vase will look much better containing a single stem or a posy. For a larger bouquet that is more boisterous in color, a larger vase or even a decorative jug will suit just fine.


Do not be afraid to choose vessels based on your personal aesthetic preferences. You can find a wide variety of vases and other kind of containers at affordable prices in many different stores or through online vendors. Second hand stores are a great place to shop if you are looking for vessels with antique appeal. If you prefer an eclectic or unique vibe, you can even use teapots or water jugs to pair with your arrangements. For those with a creative touch, it is easy to make your own vessels with the DIY route. Experiment with some glass bottles, soup cans, or mason jars to see what you can come up with.


“Fake” Is Not a Bad Word


While fake flowers often get a bad rep, the truth of the matter is that fake floral arrangements can look just as striking as fresh ones. Fake flowers are a great alternative for people who can’t consistently afford to go out and buy fresh bouquets every couple of weeks. The money you spend on fresh plants can easily be used to acquire a considerable number of faux florals.


Artificial flowers and greenery can be reused as often as you like, wherever you like. Mix and match to suit the colors in different rooms, rearrange bouquets for different effects, and switch up the vessels to ensure that you will have a unique arrangement even if you have used the artificial flowers several times before. What is more, you do not need to worry about watering, pruning, or nurturing faux flowers – they will look just as great on day 30 as they did on day one.


Faux flowers are made from a number of different materials, including polyester or polyester blends, silk, paper, and even tissue. Almost any kind of flower you can think of you can find in an artificial form, be it a full orchid or a cluster of hydrangeas. You are not just limited to flowers, either. There is plenty of artificial greenery you can use to brighten up your home, including decorative grasses, herbs, and small potted shrubberies.


Faux botanicals have become so popular that you find them online from many different websites or in craft supply stores. Purchase them individually if you want to make your own arrangements or buy whole bouquets if you find some that catch your eye.


Do Not Shy Away From Fresh Florals


While faux flowers are currently enjoying a resurgence in popularity, fresh florals are still a lovely and elegant way to enhance your interior decor. They are a great way to bring a welcoming, seasonal feel into your home, whether it is tulips to celebrate spring or poinsettias to enhance Christmas ambience. Regardless of the season or occasion that you are decorating for, a trip to your local florist will provide you with something that is perfect. If you are unsure of exactly what you are looking for, talk to your florist! They are professionals who will likely be more than happy to lend you some assistance in choosing a fresh flower arrangement.


While fresh botanicals offer up a genuine aesthetic, they also require some care. It is important to keep them watered and tended to as per the florist’s instructions in order to be able to enjoy them for as long as possible. If you are going to be away from your home for an extended period of time, store your bouquet in the fridge, as doing so can extend longevity by a considerable margin. Try to keep them out of reach young children or inquisitive pets so they’re not damaged or knocked over.


It is important to note that some fresh flowers may contain pollen which can stain furniture. If you have chosen flowers with pollen, either store them away from any upholstery or gently remove the pollen before it falls.


If you want to brighten up your decor with some fresh florals but are deterred by the cost, keep in mind that you do not always need big, bright bouquets. In fact, single stems flowers can be just as effective at drawing the eye, particularly if they are kept in elegant, stylish vessels. Choosing long-lasting flowers is also more cost-effective, as flowers like hydrangeas, calla lilies, and gladioli will live longer and give you more enjoyment for your money.


Tips For Incorporating Florals Into Your Decor


Ensuring that a faux or fresh floral arrangement fits into your decor without being too subtle or too obvious can be a little tricky, but there are some tips you can follow to make sure they look just right.


Positioning is important:  When placing a floral arrangement, make sure you choose a spot where you will be able to see it often in order to get maximum enjoyment. Entrance tables, dining room/kitchen tables, and bedside tables are all ideal locations.


Choose a chic or luxury aesthetic:  If you are going for a simply chic look, stick with a single variety of flower or greenery. On the other hand, if you are aiming for a luxe look, opt for an arrangement with multiple varieties in order to create an elegant, colorful, expansive appearance.


Use the room’s decor to influence the arrangement:  A contemporary interior design will benefit more from a loose, spartan floral arrangement whereas a more traditional, rustic design will benefit from an arrangement that’s dense with larger flowers.


Do not match the interior colors note for note:  Instead, opt to choose a bouquet that complements the colors of your interior. If a room’s palette centers around a duskier shade of blue, use a paler shade of blue in order to draw the eye and soften the room.


Use light sources to your advantage:  If the room in question has plenty of lovely natural light, choose a vase or vessel made of crystal to draw attention to both the stems and the flowers.


Overall, the usage of flowers will definitely bring the elegance of nature into your home. If you would like to incorporate flowers or greenery into your décor but are unsure of what would go well in your home, contact Maximum Impact today. We are here to help you create the home of your dreams.




- Angie Kendel, from Maximum Impact Plus, is a CID Certified Interior Decorator and has vast experience with interior renovations and a passion for helping people increase the value of their home by recommending improvements to increase a home’s value and creating beautiful, aesthetic living spaces. As a CSP Certified Staging Professional, she is not only able to showcase a home for sale for that instant “WOW Factor”, she is able to increase the value of client’s home, helping them sell their home at top dollar. By applying universal design as a CAPS Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist, Angie is able to help clients with changing physical abilities today, tomorrow and anticipating their needs in the future, allowing them to maintain their independence and stay in their home longer.