Maximum Equity Program

If you have fallen out of love with your existing home, and need to make some changes so you can love it again, Maximum Impact Plus can address your concerns. We complete a detailed consultation to determine your wish list to turn your home back into your dream home. We'll create the design that addresses your concerns, and walk you through the whole design process. Whether we're moving walls to create a more functional space, creating a whole new design, or simply updating your existing space, we'll make sure you love your space again! You can be a part of the full design process or you can choose to leave it in our very capable hands. We work with fully licensed professional contractors who ensure things are done right the first time. Once we have completed your re-design, you will not only be amazed at the results, you will Love your home again!

People choose to move because their home is no longer meeting their needs or its location no longer works for the family. If you are going to list your home, take the necessary steps to list your home for top dollar! It is no secret that upgrades and improvements will increase your home's competitive advantage and selling price! Property condition determines the selling price! Although we have worked with multiple clients after their homes were listed, (but not getting offers), it's best for you if we're involved before your home hits the market. It saves considerable time and frustration! We'll work closely with your Realtor to determine what (if any) items need to be addressed to ensure your home commands the top selling price possible! Completing basic repairs and improvements before you sell will ensure you will not only receive a higher selling price, but you will list for a higher price (always more than the cost of the repairs/improvements) and in many cases sell for tens of thousands of dollars more than your original price! To make this process as easy as possible, we work with professional licensed contractors who will even offer short term financing for the cost of repairs (O.A.C.) until your home sells! Once the work is completed, Maximum Impact Plus will stage your home to give it the "designer's edge". Enclosed are a few examples where we have used this process to help homeowners maximize their selling price!


We were contacted by the Realtor to help the client Maximize their Equity. The property was in good shape but somewhat dated in certain aspects. We replaced flooring, painted and completed some minor repairs on the main level. The recroom was quite dated and was the main focus of the work. A basement bedroom was made larger, basement had new drywall, paint and flooring added. The home was staged, once the renovations were completed.

Original Suggested List Price $240,000
Cost of improvements & staging $25,000
NEW List Price $315,000
SOLD Price $355,000
Owner ahead $90,000!!!

Lake Ridge

We were contacted by the Realtor when the client wished to sell the property. It had been used as a rental property for a number of years and was in need of some TLC. His original assessment was a list price of $149,900. The list of repairs included updating the flooring throughout , interior paint, repair and paint the exterior deck, and basic repairs. We staged the home, once the work was completed.

Original Suggested List Price $149,900
Cost of improvements & staging $15,800
NEW List Price $172,500
SOLD in bidding war $188,000
Owner ahead $22,300 after all expenses!!


We were contacted by the owner who had just purchased a new home and needed to maximize the selling price of their existing home. They had updated everything in their home except the kitchen, which was from the 1960's. They didn't want to spend a lot of money and were willing to complete the work and staging DIY. We gave them a step – by – step approach that included replacing the flooring, lighting, countertops, and backsplash in the kitchen, and painting their existing kitchen cupboards white. We also gave recommendations on furniture placement and where to purchase/rent any items for staging that they required and the best place to purchase the materials they needed. Finally they were given a detailed staging design that they followed to the last detail!

Original Suggested List Price $224,900
Cost of improvements & staging $1700
NEW List Price $234,900
SOLD in 8 Days $255,200
Owner ahead $28,600

River Ave

We were contacted by the Realtor after the property had been sitting on the market for more than 6 months. They had reduced the price repeatedly and were not receiving any offers. Recommendations included painting, completing basic repairs to interior and exterior, replacing damaged flooring and staging the property. The 4000 square foot property had an extensive list of basic repairs. Once repairs and improvements were completed, we staged the property.

List price with no offers $585,000
Cost of improvements & staging $30,000
NEW List Price $639,000
SOLD in bidding war $648,100
Owner ahead $33,100

Royal Crest

We were contacted by the Realtor who saw the potential in the home but recognized it needed some upgrading. The colors and flooring were dated with builder's "olive green". It made the home appear dark and somewhat depressing. They replaced the dark green carpet on the main floor with hardwood, and re-painted in a more current neutral color scheme, and staged the property.

Original Suggested list price before work $449,900
Cost of improvements & staging $13,600
NEW List Price $530,000
SOLD in bidding war $538,500
Owner ahead $ 75,000


We were contacted by the owner who wished to maximize the equity in their home sale. They were given a suggested list price of $289,900. Their kitchen had a missing cupboard and we suggested they update the flooring, countertops and paint. We replaced the missing cupboard, added new flooring, lighting, countertops and tile backsplash, and staged the property. The owner marketed and sold the property on the first day!

Original Suggested list price $289,900
Cost of improvements & staging $6,500
Actual List price $309,900
SOLD in bidding war on 1st day! $320,000
Owner ahead $23,600