Room by Room consults start at $150 + depending on square footage and will typically take minimum of 1.5 hours for a small condo to 3-4 hours for a large family home. In a consultation, we will leave very detailed instructions for the home owner that will include everything from new paint colors to better coordinate with your existing furniture and decor, to repair/maintenance recommendations, to furniture and accessory rental, and maps for furniture and accessory placement for rooms. Everything you need for a do-it-yourself staging job! At the time of consultation, it is determined if the home owner requires or would like a proposal for rental of any furniture and/or accessories. If the home owner decides to proceed with home staging, the cost of the initial consultation is credited back towards the cost of home staging.

Furniture Rental

Rentals are priced by item, as each home is different. Smaller items are usually transported by us so there is less cost as movers are not required. However, if large furniture is required a professional moving company is hired and the moving cost is added into the cost of the staging job. Most movers charge a minimum of $300 - $400 for delivery and an additional $300 - $400 for pick up. Obviously larger furniture costs more to rent than smaller items. Again, we try to work with what the home owner has to facilitate the best design scheme, if possible. Unfortunately, home owners are not able to pick up or deliver furniture themselves, it becomes an insurance issue. Movers are covered if they cause damage to either property or the furniture items themselves!

Accessory Rental

Large percentage of jobs consist of mainly accessory rental and re-arranging existing home owner's furniture. Depending on the items rented and number of rooms (size of the home), the cost can often be in the lower price range of $1000 - $2000. This can often include drapery, hardware, bedding, complete bathroom packages, artwork, lamps, plants, small tables, decor and accessories. Again, the amount of items required reflects the cost of the job.

Vacant Property Staging

Full staging with furniture rental for multiple rooms and a full accessory package is the most costly package. It depends on the size of the property and the number of rooms being staged. It is best to request a free estimate by having us come out to the property and have a look. Once we have a good idea of the floor plan then we can best recommend furniture rental and placement. For example, we can often get away with a 2 seater bistro kitchenette vs. a standard kitchen table and 4 chairs.... or a sofa and chair vs. a sofa, loveseat, and chair, .... less cost to you! Some rooms only allow for one end table not 2, etc... It is difficult for us to determine how best to showcase and what furniture to bring in, if we have not seen the property. An estimate is free and you get a much more accurate price and time line!

Repairs, Maintenance & Basic Upgrades

Obviously these are at going rate for each job. However, one of the benefits of working with Maximum Impact Plus, is that our background in Professional Property Management has allowed us to "weed out" the really good reliable, and fairly priced contractors for anything from eavestroughing and shingles, to painters, basic handymen, concrete repairs, foundations specialists, etc. For more serious repairs, our contractors will offer a transferable warranty to the new buyer. This is an excellent selling feature that gives peace of mind to the buyer that the work was well done with professionals who stand behind their work! A big difference from the repair that was done by "Uncle Joe" with no warranty. With our years of experience, we also have an excellent track record for recommending upgrades where you will increase the list price of your property and still generate a bidding war in many cases! Our goal is to have to you walk away with more money in your pocket than you invested in upgrades and staging costs! Check out our Testimonials for some recent results from very happy clients!

Interior Decorating Services

Our services range from basic color consultations to full project management and design for major improvements to bathrooms, kitchens, recrooms, etc. We offer consultations in existing homes looking for better functionality or new, creative ways to refresh and use the same space. We can assist the home owner with achieving a vision to remove walls, to enlarge a space, or something as small as re-decorating a bedroom. We assist home owners during the custom building process to assist with planning and selection of flooring, lighting, design, and functional issues within the home. We help create a mood that is consistent with your family and your personality! After all your home is all about the statement you want to make! We work closely with the home owner to determine their personal style and "statement" and then present design options consistent with the owner's goals. Our costs start at $150 for a consultation. Project management and design projects are priced based on the scope and depth of the project. The cost can be a percentage of the project or a set fee for a set project, each is unique.