Design Planning for Beautiful Spaces

kit1 kit2 kit3 kit4So often I am asked to assist with on-going renovation projects that have already begun. The design selections are made from materials that are available and can meet the required delivery for the project to move forward. This always saddens me. If time for proper planning is spent before the project starts, you end up with a much more beautiful space completed with products and materials you really love!

When design choices are made as the project moves along, you are limited to the delivery schedule of the materials. So if you really love that flooring, or that particular appliance, but the delivery is 8 weeks away and your contractor needs it in 3 weeks – you are often forced to settle for something that is a 2nd or 3rd choice. Certainly not the best scenario when you finally get to do the renovation you’ve been dreaming about for years!

Another scenario is changing your mind part way through a renovation and removing or altering the design. This is simply a waste of precious renovation dollars. Once you have the finances in place, it is critical to ensure you have your design plans also in place, before the first hammer swings! This way your dollars are spent making your design a reality, instead of spending the budget twice on the same area because you changed your mind because you didn’t like it … this is where 3D drawings really help a design project and save money. You can see the finished space before any construction starts, that way you can change or alter designs on paper or in the computer long before it starts to cost you BIG dollars to make those changes!

I encourage my clients to finalize their design long before the renovations ever begin. Our 3D design process allows us to complete the floor plan with furnishings and accessories along with all the materials you would like to use. You can see in full 3D “walk through” exactly how your space will look before you do anything. This is the time to change the paint color, or the appliances, or the flooring if you find you really do not like it. This gives you a realistic look at your new space, tweaking it, until you are completely in love with the space.

Once the design is finalized we prepare the budget based on the materials selected. The budget is taken into account in the initial design stages. Obviously I will not use exotic hardwood flooring in the design if your budget only allows for a mid-range hardwood floor. However, the beauty of 3D design is once you have your budget finalized, if you find you have some wiggle room and wish to upgrade flooring, it’s a simple click away to see your space with that gorgeous exotic hardwood flooring you’ve been dreaming about!

Once we have the materials finalized, then we begin to address the timeline. When is your contractor planning on starting? When does he require the various materials on site? What is the lead time required for the various materials? I usually try to order a little in advance to avoid delivery delays. This allows your project to move along, with minimal delays, with the materials you really want!

The final result, is the beautifully renovated space that you have always dreamed of! So when it comes time to begin planning your BIG renovation, take the time to plan the design and materials before you start demolition. In the end, you’ll be grateful and rewarded with the perfect new space for your family to enjoy!