Virtual Home Staging & 3D Room Design

2D layout northeast south view

When designing any space it’s important to have a strong visual representation before you proceed. Drawing a basic floor plan is critical to ensuring your best layout. Our new 3D Design Services allow us to fully design a room, from floor plan right down to the exact artwork and area rugs on the floor, to the exact flooring and paint colors! This will give you a wonderful representation of your finished space before you ever start your renovation. As an added bonus we are also able to provide a complete materials/labour estimate to coincide with our design, a fabulous tool to help you budget and plan your renovation!

There has been some real interest in 3D Design and Virtual Home Staging.  This is a simple transition from 3D design. We simply design the same space the way we would for Home Staging purposes. We show off the homes’ best features, and can realistically re-do any flaws in paint, flooring or dated décor! For example, if you have a dated home, many home buyers shy away from a home requiring extensive renovations/repairs. Unfortunately, buyers always presume the cost to be significantly greater than what it actually is.  With our 3D Virtual Home Staging, we can not only give them the full effect and 3D Picture images of a complete new design, we can also provide an actual contractor estimate for all materials and labour costs. We can even include the furniture and décor costs if they really want “that” exact room! 

3D Virtual Home Staging allows you to sell the dream of what a home can become by showing buyers exactly what and how to make it happen! Let’s face it – if they are working with a specific budget (as all buyers do) and they see a home they love but it’s at the top level of their price range, then they see yours and see they can turn that home into the same dream home and still have money left over…. Well sounds like a popular HGTV show to me!!

Virtual Home Staging is not only for the dated home. Vacant homes have always been at a disadvantage for marketing. Buyers really have a challenge visualizing how to layout furniture in many areas or seeing if their furniture would even fit! This is often why vacant homes do not sell as quickly or command the same price as well displayed or staged homes. Virtual Home Staging can easily solve this problem. We can easily provide both floor plans for furniture layout as well as the complete 3D virtual Staging pictures of each room! Complete with beautiful décor and a functional well planned layout – it’s the next best thing to actual staging! If you have a limited budget, it is your best alternative!

Virtual Staging is also an excellent option for revenue or rental properties. Quite often when showing rental properties, they simply do not look as good as when a home owner is selling their own home. The Home Owner is motivated, the tenant is not. Virtual Home Staging can again provide the beautiful pictures of what the space could look like, as well as a full materials and labour quote required to turn it into the exact space on the images! Again, you are no longer selling the existing space – you are now selling what it could be! An added bonus, is they know their costs before they buy!

So the next time someone considers Home Staging but has a limited budget or has a tenant and cannot show the space at its best, consider virtual Home Staging. Whether renovating or selling, 3D Design can easily show you the finished look!