Balance in Life and Business…


Happy New Year everyone!!  As the New Year begins many of us spend some time evaluating the old year and what we can improve on for the coming year. Many of us make resolutions or set new goals for the coming year. Goals are a very important part of knowing where you are going and how exactly you intend on arriving there. I’m a huge fan of Brian Tracy.  I have full collection of his work. However, I will be the first to admit that “life” takes over my good intentions and before I know it …. “Poof”! There goes another year! Sound familiar to anyone?

For as long as I can remember I have been referred to as an “over achiever”. My family doc has called me a “type A” personality for years.  Various personality quizzes for business have labelled me as “driver”  “action oriented” and “analytical doer”. To a degree, they are all right. I am very action oriented and goals are a huge part of those plans. When I decide I want something – it’s not a matter of if – just when!  Just ask my husband!  Kevin knows better than anyone – when I have a goal in mind, just let me do my thing! Life is much easier for everyone that way! Especially him – lol!

However, over the last few weeks of introspection and self-analysis, inevitable at this time of year, I had a huge awakening. Although it is critical to have goals and know where you are going and how you plan on getting there, balance is the key to ultimate success! Balance is a new word for me. I have a tendency to go all or nothing. If it needs to get done – I am your gal – what’s the deadline? I’ll make it work! It’s just now occurring to me – that everything comes at a price. The old ying and yang theory! When I agree to place others priorities above my own, I make others happy, but sacrifice my own and unintentionally create stress for myself and those around me. This is completely my responsibility and totally at my discretion to change. One of the most beautiful aspects of the human condition – we ARE ultimately in control of our own lives! That reality can haunt you if you do not want to make changes or are stuck in a rut – or it can be totally liberating! In my case it’s wonderfully liberating! Blissful freedom!  Ahhhh…

I am my own worst enemy. I always push too hard and lose myself in everyday demands of life and work. Within a few months, my goals are not forgotten but have been delegated 2nd place to new pressing priorities. So this year I decided I will do something different. I will still write down my goals for 2014. I will still review my goals daily. However, I will include the word balance in each goal. Balance is a scale of constant fluctuation. Sometimes it goes up as circumstances require, but then it’s entirely up to us to take the necessary steps to bring the scale down, back to that state of equilibrium. 

I recognize life and business will get crazy and hectic from time to time, after all that is life! This year I will allow myself to incorporate that as part of my goals. My first challenge for the coming year will be to bring back a state of balance after the tsunami, then calmly carry on my merry little way to working on goals in a predictable and consistent manner. 

The second part is ensuring that I consciously choose to allow those things priority. The choice is mine. Rather than being caught up in the moment and going along with things – take a step back, and take a moment to take a deep breath. Ask is this something I can say “no” to? Ask is this what I really want? What are the consequences going to be?  How can I mitigate the consequences? Can I delegate to someone else? Is it worth the reward?  Then proceed with a “yes” or “no”. 

I know I am not alone in allowing others priorities to overtake my goals and good intentions. So my challenge to my readers is this “Will you add the understanding of balance to your goals? Forgive yourself when you get sidetracked, but understand that you will from time to time and that’s okay.  But balance allows you to take up where you left off without guilt, or stress.  After all, balance is all about staying out of the extremes!”

Wishing you all the best 2014 can offer you!

Angie Kendel

Maximum Impact Plus

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Winnipeg, MB