How Much Time Does it Take to get Your Home Ready for Sale?

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Every home is different and as a result every home will take a different amount of time to get ready for sale. It often depends how many people are living in the home, if there are children, what are their ages? How busy is the family? Are they retired or a busy working family with children in multiple activities? Another factor that comes into play is if there is a pressing deadline to get a home sold? Has someone been transferred? Have they already purchased a new home with the purchase conditional on the sale of the existing home? In cases where time is a serious time factor, families may do as much as they can to prepare the home in the minimal time they have. This is not always the best-case scenario for getting the best price for your home, but it does allow you to do minimal work, in a short period of time and hopefully, get the home sold quickly so the family can move on. This can be very stressful for everyone involved.

When a client is rushed while getting a home ready for sale, it is guaranteed to not only be stressful, but also can impact how well a home shows in pictures and in showings. We always say there is a big difference between how a home is lived in and how it is shown for sale. If you have not had adequate time necessary to prepare the home, you are often cheating yourself out of thousands of dollars in the selling price. If your home does not show well – it will attract fewer buyers to look at it. Fewer buyers means less chances of an offer at or over list price. The longer a home sits on the market with no offers, the greater the chance that the Realtor will ask for a price reduction or will recommend you accept an offer lower than you were hoping for. This can be prevented by taking the time necessary to prepare the home in advance for the very best first impression!

We often work with families who start to prepare their homes for sale months or even years in advance. They take their time decluttering, cleaning and completing maintenance. Quite often they are very interested in completing the necessary updates to ensure they obtain the best sale price for their homes. They may replace flooring, lighting fixtures, countertops, paint or even update a kitchen or a bathroom. They work very systematically knowing exactly what they should be spending and what they can expect as a return when they sell their home. By the time they are ready to list their home, the space is immaculate! They have the most important updates completed, they have often purchased or rented the furniture and accessories to perfectly compliment the updates. The home often shows as well as a show home! These homes sell quickly and for top dollar in their neighborhood!

It is really quite simple. If time permits, make selling your home for the best price a mission. There can be a difference of tens of thousands of dollars in selling price on the exact same home based on its condition and presentation for sale! Take the time to do what is necessary, appropriate for the space and will ensure great pictures/videos and a lot of interested buyers! This is the recipe for a fast sale for the best price!

If you do not take the time – you can end up very stressed trying to quickly get your home ready, then even more stressed as you wait for weeks with few showings and no offers! Selling your home and having strangers through is very disruptive to our daily lives. Most home owners find this stressful. A little planning and attention in advance can maximize selling price, minimize stress and keep disruption to your daily life at a minimum! It’s well worth the effort and peace of mind as you triumphantly deposit that huge closing cheque from your lawyer!