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Staged Rec Room

Staged Rec Room

We are currently in the midst of doing some renovations in our own rec room. It is so much easier designing for others. I know what will look great instantly in another’s space. I always second guess myself when it’s for my own home/cottage/office. I have definitely been using my designers for second opinions! So thankful I have such talented girls! Biggest lesson I’ve learned over the last little while, is not to settle for less than what I really want.

I’m really pretty easy going in my own personal style and home design. I want it to be functional, neat and clean and have just a touch of flair! I like things in order, but I also like a little “POP” of something unique for interest. I have really stressed over the carpeting and paint and fireplace stone for our rec room. Finally had it all firmed up and then found out that the stone I wanted was back ordered. Sucks when this happens. We have the option to wait for it to come in – or to substitute something else. Guess, I will have to head down to the shop and see what else I may like or if we can determine a firm “back order” date.

I understand clients’ frustrations when we work so hard to put a look together only to find that something is discontinued. It’s happens no matter how hard we try to keep samples current! Reality is even when we are notified by the manufacturer, there are times clients already have those samples. It’s so hard to explain something is no longer available after they have their minds made up. However, we sometimes just have no choice. One thing I have learned is that it is best to make the selection in person! If possible, bring the samples into the room they will be installed. Check the lighting and shading at different times of the day. The same product can look different in the same space just with different natural light from daylight to evening. Make sure you like it at all times of the day before you proceed. If possible, have all the samples you plan on using together (like a color board) with paint, flooring, tile, cabinets, counters, etc.! It’s so much better to take your time making the “right” selection than to rush into something you do not like and then regret it. After all most renovations are not inexpensive so if you plan on spending the money – spend it on something you really love!

My most common words of wisdom are to focus on the most expensive items first. Things like flooring, cupboards, counters, tile – these are more limited in options than your paint colors or décor/accessories. Use the most expensive purchasers as the base of your color scheme and work from there. Make sure you love the items you will spend the most on, chances are you will be much less likely to change those items in a few years. However, things like paint and décor are easily changed for a fresh new look. There are literally hundreds of thousands of paint colors. We can find a paint color to go with pretty much anything! However, flooring, cabinets, counters and tile are all limited in their colors, styles and selections. So, choose the more limited items first. Make sure all aspects of the design blend well and then pick a paint color that will compliment your selections! It’s so much easier than trying to match flooring or furniture to a paint color! I know paint usually goes on first and most people choose materials in order that they are required. We work with you to ensure you make your choices in a cohesive manner that encompasses the complete design. This is the only way to really have a beautifully finished space that just flows! In fact, some may call it designer perfect!

So, take your time, pick your materials with care, and ask a designer for help if you need a second opinion! After all, it’s much easier to get a second opinion before anything is completed than to change something after its installed because it just doesn’t look right! Time spent in careful planning will ensure you get the space you really want and will love for years to come!