Why Hire a Professional Designer or Interior Decorator?

One of the questions I am often asked is “What is the benefit of a hiring a Designer/Decorator?”  The most straight forward answer is that I work for you, the client, not the store you are shopping at!  However, there are a number of benefits that come with working with a Designer/Decorator. 

My one and only priority is my client and making their project the best it can be for the budget they have to work with.  I am not tied to any one store or brand.  Quite often when you are working with a “Designer” in a retail store they have a sales title of “designer” but may not actually have any formal Design Training.  Some are qualified Decorators or Designers, but just as often they are not actually Certified Decorators or Interior Designers. Furthermore, they will only recommend what they can from the product line that they carry in that particular store.  So it may be the best “area rug” available to you from that store but it doesn’t mean it is the best option or product for you!  There could very well be a rug that would go better with your color selections, in a more custom size that is better for your space that is not carried by that store…. The single biggest benefit of working with a Decorator/Designer is that we choose what is right for you based on what is available from multiple manufacturers – so you are searching from a much larger pool of available products to find the one that is really the BEST for your space.  This means you get a much nicer finished product because it is really custom designed just for you and your space!

This leads to the next comment – I can just as easily go shopping myself – I don’t have to pay a Decorator/Designer to do this for me.  Of course, you are right, but I already know what is available and exactly where to find it in most cases.  So it will take me a fraction of the time to source the exact right product that you may or may not find on your own.  Whether you come across it, quite often will depend on how long you are prepared to search for the right item and how much time you wish to devote to your project.  If you have the time and enjoy the shopping – go for it!  Have fun and enjoy every moment!  If, like many people, time is an issue and you will quit and settle for what seems like the best option you’ve seen so far…. You would be better off hiring a Professional.  You may spend 10 – 20 or more hours, whereas it may only take me 2 or 3 hours.  You have to remember, we do this on a daily basis.  There are many times when I see a space and know exactly which manufacturer or retailer carries the exact product that would be perfect for your space!  This means you get the right products sourced quickly at a fraction of the time it would take you to find them on your own! We save you considerable time.

The final objection is that Designers/Decorators are so expensive.  My response is simple.  I will save you money that more than covers my fee and will often allow you to buy nicer items with the same budget than if you did it yourself.  So, I can often stretch your budget to up the quality of the products.  How is this possible?  I know where to source quality products in any price range to meet any budget.  I also get discounts on many items from 10% to 50% of retail depending upon the items and the required delivery date.  We have dealt with multiple kitchen cabinet manufacturers, some are good and charge a fair price – some do a good job and charge considerably more…. But carry the same product.  Our product, supplier and reputation knowledge can go a long way to saving you time and money! Not to mention frustration if you choose the wrong company to deal with!  There are different fee structures that Designers and Decorators use – some are a percentage of product sold, some are a percent of the overall project, some are hourly.  I bill hourly but you pay what I pay for any product.  So if I get a 40% discount so do you!  All you pay for is my time!  This can quickly translate into thousands of dollars of savings that you can use in your project for that extra something!! 

So, working with a Professional Designer/Interior Decorator ensures you get a custom job that is just right for you and your space.  We save you considerable time while sourcing the right products for you and we often save you money and help stretch your same budget by allowing those extra savings to be converted into that extra nice appliance, or upgraded faucet, or just less money spent!  So my question is – why wouldn’t you use an Independent Professional?