Fall Has Arrived!


Fall is my favourite time of the year! I officially have my fall décor out and am burning my fall “pumpkin spice” candles in my office as I catch up with my paperwork. I’m enjoying a breather the last 2 days catching up on 3 months of paperwork! Looking back I can’t believe we made it through the craziness and last few months of spring/summer.

Back in the spring we were staging/de-staging every day. Many days we were doubling up and de-staging one and staging another in the same day. Logistically, this is very challenging keeping straight what’s coming back and what’s going out without mixing anything up! We did have a few times when we grabbed the wrong bin/ bag of goodies and someone would have to chase back to the shop for the right décor. Thank goodness we moved into the new warehouse earlier this spring before things got really crazy! We had the space to sort multiple jobs and keep them packed and ready to go days in advance if necessary.

Things very briefly slowed down right around the end of the school year then we were going non-stop until the end of July. As fast as were setting up and completing a stage another one would sell! It’s really been non-stop for months now! We completed 9 stage jobs in the last few weeks before school started and we have already had 3 of those sell! 2 sold within hours and one sold the following day. One sold for $15,000 over list price on the first day showings started! Yes, bidding wars are still happening. Fast sales are still happening. On a street of 7 listings, our staged home was the first to sell. Others are still for sale months later and a few have been removed from the market, unsold. Homes have to be fairly priced and in very good condition for a fast sale. Of course, staging is a huge benefit. The staging makes the buyers connect emotionally with the home when they see it! As the number of listings increases, competition continues to grow, and sellers are making more of an effort to get their homes sold.  

Small repairs or improvements that sellers previously refused to complete, now are done without question if they want the home sold fast. Staging is becoming much more common is all price ranges. Literally we’ve staged homes anywhere from $200K all the way up to the 1.5 Million price point. As always homes in the lower price ranges sell faster. There are just a much higher number of qualified buyers below the $350K mark than there are in the $500K price point. As a result higher priced homes often take longer to sell.  Add the number of available new builds in that price point and the market is highly competitive for sellers in the mid – upper price points.

If you are thinking of selling this fall/winter or spring take the time now to complete all exterior work.  Pressure wash stucco, siding, eaves and fascia. Get you exterior windows cleaned. Trim back and shrubs or overgrown trees/plants. Pressure wash driveways and sidewalks. Repair and old decks boards and treat with a new coat of paint while the weather still allows! Exterior maintenance goes a long way to showcasing a well maintained home and sends a fabulous first impression! The key is to get that fabulous first impression and then continue to impress the buyers more with each new room they explore! Get all the outside work done this fall while you still can. The impression it makes on Buyers in the winter months will be well worth the effort now.

Home staging is about getting people’s attention! It’s about making them want to see your house rather than the one down the street. More importantly, it’s about all the preparation that goes into getting your home ready for buyers to see! From the first time we come in for a consult, we address all exterior and interior aspects of preparing a home for sale. Everything from trimming trees/shrubs for a great street appeal to pulling weeds and washing driveways and sidewalks. Cleaning windows and a complete cleaning inside the house. Interior cleaning is everything from lights to walls to baseboards. I even insist Sellers wipe down the dust on the hot water tank and furnace. Mechanical equipment that is caked with years of dust does not look well maintained. Mechanical equipment that is sparkling clean looks well maintained and gives sellers a sense of confidence. Of course, any repairs or maintenance issues that need to be addressed before the home is listed. Once the home has been de-cluttered, cleaned inside and out, it is ready for staging. We then come in with the final touches and leave your home ready for the photographer and for the Buyers to fall in love with!

Home staging is not just about furniture and accessories – it’s the whole package! Everything you need to do to get your home sold fast and for the best possible price!