Summer’s End and the Fall Market is in Full Swing


This is always the saddest time of the year for me. When my girls go back to school and we all head back into a normal routine again, I always wish for just a few more weeks to do the things I didn’t get a chance to. The summer market historically slows down a bit in July and early August before picking up again for the fall. This year we saw very little down and a very early start to the fall market!

I love the lazy hazy days of summer. However, it seems those days are long gone for me. The last few years we have spent more and more time staging in the summer. In past years, I could work 3-4 days and take the rest of the time off and enjoy the cottage or the pool. This last year we’ve been working 5 days a week with the exception of a few days where we took the Friday. To say thing have been busy would be a severe understatement! In the last 9 days we’ve done 8 staging jobs! We’ve been de-staging “solds” and as fast as we get the stock back it’s out again on the next job! Our warehouse has been a revolving door! Biggest challenge has been keeping 3 jobs packed and ready and separate so we don’t mix things up and take stuff for the wrong job! It all worked and we did a beautiful job! Even when the movers truck broke down one day and we had to improvise cause we had another job the next day and couldn’t afford the delay! Panic…. But it all worked out and I earned my glass of wine that night!

We’ve done some pretty amazing projects this summer. Quite a few new builds in the $550K – $1,000,000 + as well as a number of show homes. It’s been challenging at times, finding the right furniture in the right color and size to fit the space. Other times, we’ve had to scramble to find the time to plan and shop and design on a very short time line. Thank goodness for my wonderful teal this summer! Tanis, Jess, John, Doug and Danny, couldn’t have done it without you guys! When you consider I had major surgery in April and was supposed to be in bed for 8 weeks, actually only took 10 days off including the day before the surgery! Looking back now I can’t believe we pulled off such a fabulous job this summer!

We had so many weeks where we were staging 4-5 days a week! Occasionally, we might have a day off for plan and shop. Too many days we were planning other jobs as we were working on others. We would discuss what pieces we were going to use for the different projects and have the next one all planned and designed while finishing the current project! Then it was just a matter of pulling and packing stock for the next job! It worked beautifully but seemed to be quite a production line at times!

We had a number of huge successes. Still generated a number of bidding wars. We had one property with 7 other houses for competition on the street and ours was the only home staged and it was the only one to sell, finally a fixer upper sold shortly afterwards. We had another home staged on a Friday, showings started at 5:00pm and it was sold by 7:00 pm that day! 2 HOURS!!!! Enjoyed a glass of wine and did a happy dance for that one!

One project was my favourite. It was a joint collaboration between KAT Reno and Maximum Impact Plus. We provided all the design, KAT completed a full interior and exterior reno job and we staged it a few days ago. Showings start right after the long weekend! 

We’re off to relax and spend the final weekend of summer with my precious hubby and darling daughters! Wishing you all a wonderful Labour Day weekend and Hope you all had a Fabulous Summer!