What Type of Home Owner are You?


I’ve recently discovered there are 3 “types” of Home Owners. The “Perfectionists” always want their home updated, looking nice and just so. The “Beatles” (named after the song “let it be”) fix something if they have to otherwise – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! The final group are “Here and There” full of started but not necessarily completed projects. The interesting part comes when the spouses living in a household are from different types!

The “Perfectionists” take tremendous pride in their homes. Keeping the home current and updated with renovations and décor is a top priority for them. Everything has its place and it’s always the right piece in the right place! The home is always clean well-kept and practically spotless. There is no clutter lying around and even the closets are well organized and de-cluttered regularly. Pride of ownership are typically the first words that come to mind when walking into a Perfectionist’s home.

The “Beatles” home is functional. It works for them but as the song says – they’d rather just “let it be”. The flooring may be worn, the counter may be stained, but hey, who wants to spend the time or money keeping up with trends that are always changing? There are so many more important things to do and so much life to enjoy! Their home may be cluttered from their many travels to foreign lands. It may have a collection that clearly shows their passion for a hobby that they love to invest their time and money in. Something that clearly gives them tremendous satisfaction. In extreme cases, we may find tendencies to store or hoard excess clutter. They fix what breaks but may not get around to patching the hole in the ceiling the plumber had to cut open years ago when he fixed the leak in the upstairs bathroom. 

The “Here and There” home is in the middle of the spectrum. It almost always consists of some updating projects, often started years ago, but not always finished. Projects always seem ongoing and may be found in many different areas inside and outside the home. The homes are usually cleaner but may have areas of clutter that everything gets moved into to keep the rest of the home neat. Repairs are always completed and most maintenance issues are addressed in a timely manner. This is usually where we’ll see projects taken to a certain level by a professional and then to save cost the Home Owner, with all good intentions, will have every intention of completing the details that somehow have a way of getting away from him/her and never quite get done. Hence we are left with a number of partially updated areas that have never quite been completely finished. 

The interesting part is when we find a home of extremes. In some cases, households are made up of 2 perfectionists but more often than not, one spouse is a perfectionist and the other is not. The Perfectionist will immediately point out what they have done, which areas are “theirs” vs. their spouse’s, and what they intend to do. They seek our understanding and validation for their future design plans. They want to ensure they do it right because they are keenly aware, they will only have one opportunity to do it once and do it right, once their spouse agrees.

In terms of staging, I have never been in a home we couldn’t improve just that little bit. Even the most extreme “Perfectionist”, can still use a few tips from a professional. Remember the biggest difference is showcasing a home for sale is very different from showcasing it for living. We look at things a little differently and most certainly with more experience than then average Home Owner. In a Perfectionists’ home we have much more to work with at the time of consult and can in many cases “stage” or recommend what to do so they can effectively stage their own home in a manner if hours. 

The Beatles and Here and There homes, which are probably 70-80% of the homes we see, by necessity will require some time to complete projects, declutter, and finally “stage” the home for sale. These homes more often than not may require contractors brought in, and in many cases some furniture rental to best showcase their home. Each home is different and where some may only require small touches, the next may require major work to get it to the same level of readiness for sale. Our ultimate goal, is to always have your home as updated and objection free as possible to ensure the quickest sale possible.

So, whether you are a Perfectionist, Beatle or Here and There type Home Owner, when it comes time to get your home ready for sale, its well worth the time and effort to pay attention to all those details to ensure your home shows the best it can and sells as quickly as possible!