Book Early to Ensure the Best Stage Possible

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As we get into the busy time of year for staging, it is critical to ensure you book your stage job as far in advance as possible. It happens every year, we submit an estimate to a client and they will “get back to us”. In the meantime, we have a numerous clients confirm and book jobs. Once a client has confirmed a job, and ONLY after we have a deposit, do I reserve furniture and décor for that project! Everything is on a first come first served basis. 

Although we have an extensive assortment of furniture and accessories some spaces require a certain color or a certain style or color of furniture to make the design look best. It is critical to ensure we plan a design that is consistent with the character of the home. We cannot use contemporary furniture/décor design in a very traditional character home or vice versa! It simply looks wrong! When buyers are looking for a traditional character home – that is what they want, a traditional character home. If they wanted a new contemporary style of home, they would look at a different style of home that was more contemporary. It goes without saying that an “updated” traditional home can have significant updates that remain true to the original architecture and style of the home while still updating the home quite tastefully. You can quite successfully blend a traditional with a more transitional style with fabulous outcomes. However, when you cross the line from traditional to totally “mod” – it just won’t work. 

This leads to how we plan the design when staging a home. Not all furniture and décor will work well in every home. We have to take into account everything like wall length to ensure we can properly fit a sofa, loveseat, chair or table in the right spot. We need to ensure there is adequate traffic flow walkways for buyers to comfortably walk through the space without furniture brushing against them. These are all critical aspects of any successful design. It is crucial to a great design to use the right furniture style in the correct size and proportion to properly showcase the space successfully!

The next consideration is color. If the walls are white or off–white using a white sofa simply will not show as well as a darker color. It’s the color contrast that shows a space so well in photographs. If the walls are a darker color I prefer to use lighter colored furniture if/when possible. If the walls are lighter, then I usually try to use darker furniture to ensure we have adequate contrast in the photos to catch buyers’ interest and make them book those showings! A room just doesn’t look as appealing in photos when everything blends together and gets lost in the photo. 

The problem at this time of the year becomes furniture availability. If someone waits until the last minute to book a stage job, then their design will, by necessity, be drawn from a pool of limited furniture that is available right now. Quite often at this time of year, I will have clients call to say they are “ready” any time for a stage and preferably sooner than later. The more notice you can give us the better the design will be. We can almost always put a design together quickly to meet those print and advertising deadlines, however, we may not have the best furniture available on such short notice. If the seller provides us more notice, at least a week or 2, it is much easier for us to reserve the furniture for their job because we know those pieces would work so much better in their home. Those pieces might be the exact right dimensions to show the space that much better, or possibly a much better color with the paint they have on the walls… it’s all about putting the best collection of pieces together to maximize the design of that particular space. Sectionals can be extremely difficult to get in the right color and the right size for a space.  So, often I could have used a piece had I only know the week before instead of using that piece in another job. I want to provide the best design possible to my clients at all times! We’re always designing multiple places at one time so there’s usually a few collections going in the warehouse – one set aside for address  “A” and the next for address “B” etc. Given that extra notice, it becomes that much easier to ensure we use the right pieces to showcase your space in the best way possible! So book early and the chances are, your design will be that much better!