A Little Bit of Everything….Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

fireplace3 front door pumpkin terene

Ever find yourself on what I called “perma-hold?”  That’s when you’re waiting on hold for a customer service rep (or just some live person) to speak to you while music plays on and on and on…. Anyone else have issues with perma-hold!?!  If a company can take my money – they should have a person there to speak to me within a reasonable amount of time! Ok – done with my rant J However, as with any Professional Multi-tasker, I’m planning Thanksgiving Dinner, writing a blog and thinking about the links for the upcoming week as I’m waiting on hold, so thought I should just write it! Nothing like making good use of “on-hold” time! Thank goodness for speaker phone!

So this week we started the complete office re-design for Royal Le Page Prime. It’s so exciting! As always I can see the finished project in my head and cannot wait for it to unfold with the new paint, flooring and the furniture so everyone else can envision what I see! Just a few more weeks now for phase 1! Although everything was well planned far in advance there are always last minute details that require attention at the start of a project. It’s all part of the excitement and attention to detail that is required for it to all come together beautifully to everyone’s satisfaction! I’ll definitely be posting pictures once the first phase is complete!

The holidays have sure gotten here quickly!  Fall is one of my favourite times of the year! I just love the different colors outdoors and cool crisp air. We can enjoy our sweaters and heavier clothes without the sloppy mess of snow. Don’t get me wrong I love winter too – but this is just a beautiful time of the year to work. It’s not too hot. It’s not too cold. There’s no sloppy slush or mess outside. The drive back home is amazing as the colors change every day!! It’s perfect weather for a nice walk outside! Besides – It’s just so much fun to decorate with fall colors inside and out!

My front door usually has a collection of large friendly spiders; a scarecrow; a goofy witch and pumpkins! Inside I have everything from decorative pumpkins, gourds, and fall leaves to beautiful autumn colored candles in scents of apple cider; spiced pumpkin; pumpkin pie, and autumn glow, etc. You rarely walk into my home without some tantalizing fall smells assailing your senses!  I really do have fun with this time of the year. My cottage is no different, just scaled down a bit but same décor and same wonderful smells wafting through the home, only those are mixed with more baking smells – nothing like fresh baking at the cottage. Sorry weight watchers – I will just have to indulge for one day this weekend!

My favorite space this year is my new collection of Autumn décor from Pier 1 on my new rustic fireplace. Back in January we bought a new mantle for our living room fireplace. It’s a very beautiful and rustic slab of a red cedar tree. My Dad expertly refinished it and sealed it and we recently mounted it above our old fireplace. I have just ordered a new mirror for above but have a small one there for now. The rough bark is still on the edge and it just looks stunning!! I’ve been redecorating my own home in stages and am slowly getting my living room and library/piano room to near completion. My family just loves the new space and it works so much better for us as a family!

While I’m cooking up a storm and baking pumpkin pie (and of course, apple pie for my little girl – her favourite food!) this coming weekend, just wanted to reach out and wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for sharing my blog and giving me your precious time. I do really appreciate everyone who takes the time to read and respond. Take some precious time with friends and family to enjoy the beautiful fall colors and perfect weather!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!