Staging Beautiful Homes

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Over the last few weeks, I have had the privilege of staging a number of beautiful homes. It’s interesting that these home owners still call me in for assistance. They have a wonderful sense of style and color selections, yet they still want a Professional opinion. So what can I offer someone who has a great sense of décor?

Furniture placement is something that evolves in a lived in home. Even if you have elegant, modern furniture, it may not be in the right location to showcase your home at its best. When we “live” in our homes, furniture gets re-arranged for how we live and it becomes such a part of us that seeing it objectively can be a challenge. By the way – I have a very hard time having an objective in my own home. I always bounce ideas for my home off my colleague for a second opinion! An objective set of eyes can come in and say move this over here, this should be in that room and let’s remove this piece completely and re-arrange the balance to showcase the focal point of the room to perfection! It’s a few “tweaks” that can completely change the look of the room in moments and make a huge difference in those online pictures and upon first impression when perspective buyers walk in the room!

Color plays a huge role in the overall picture and first impression. It’s just as important to have the right colors as it is to have the right colors in the in the right places. Quite honestly dark on dark colors will simply not show up in a photo. Light on light colors will not show up in a photo. If colors tones are too similar they tend to blend together so it’s hard to see where one object starts and the other object stops. This is not good for photos. I work with professional photographers who have me set up display suites for photo shoots. Object definition is very important in the photos to best identify the key features of the room. A dark sofa against a dark wall simply wouldn’t photograph well, whereas a light sofa will completely “pop” in the photo! This layering effect of objects in the photograph must continue from the furthest point, usually the wall – to the final accent piece of décor that is closest to the camera. Having definition and color contrast of the objects in the room in the photo is what creates those fabulous photos that generates the interest and brings those buyers to your door!

Texture also plays a key role. There are simply a lot of mirrors, glass, clear plastic and metal furniture on the market right now. It is so important to be aware how these textures impact the room, both in person and in photos. Having a glass or plastic clear see through table with a white wall behind will make the table fade right into the wall and be barely visible. Now there are times when this may not be a bad thing. Quite often older homes have had features added after the fact such as patio doors, usually by the kitchen table. There is a ceiling mount light fixture that requires a table, but in the photo we may wish to highlight the space with the patio door and minimize the space as an eating area – using a glass table so it doesn’t stand out quite so much is a perfect way to achieve this effect. Using a solid table would define the space with the solid table as an eating area and the patio doors may not even be consciously seen by viewers. It’s all a matter of brain psychology and learning how to manipulate the area to showcase what you want to and minimize things you don’t! 

When it comes down to it, hiring a professional, even if it is for nothing more than a consult can take your home from nice to “WOW”! In many cases, using the same things you already have in your home, but just a little differently than you have in the past! So even if you have a great sense of décor, getting a second opinion is a little extra help that we can all use from time to time. After all, most professionals will get a second opinion, so why not you?