Buying Vs. Renting Furniture to Stage Your Home

Living Room 564MBRafter

At least once a month I’m asked by a Home Owner if it would be easier if they purchased new furniture for “staging” their home or if they should rent. My answer is simple, and always the same! It all depends whether they have already purchased their new home!

If you have purchased your new home and know what space the new furniture will be occupying, then you can shop for new furniture that will work in both spaces. Ensure the furniture you purchase works in both the old and new home in terms of color; style and size! Make sure you measure doorways, as well as the room the furniture will be occupying to ensure it can get into the space and looks good once in the space!

Buying something that will look nice in your old home is important. However, buying something that is the right size, color and style for your new home is much more important. After all in most cases, you only stage your home for at most a few months. Rental cost for a sofa and loveseat is only a few hundred dollars. However, buying a potentially large furniture investment only to find it doesn’t fit in your new home is not only frustrating, but will often end up costing you more in the end. Some clients have told me horror stories about having to remove the main living room window to get their furniture into the new home…. The cost for this is more than renting for staging. Other clients have just determined to sell the furniture (usually at a loss) and simply purchase new furniture that fits their new home! Again, selling at a loss is a more costly option than renting.

Another client had a 2 matching sofa/loveseat sets, one in the rec room and one for the living room of their old home, as many of us do! However, in their new home, neither sofa fit down the staircase! So they have the one set upstairs with the sofa from the other set and one loveseat in the rec room with two occasional chairs. Neither sitting area looked quite right, nor was as functional as it could have been with the correct size and layout of furniture for the space!

Finally there is nothing worse than walking into a room with furniture much too large for the space. The room feels and looks much smaller than it is and gives buyers the impression that it will not fit their furniture any better than it does yours! Sofas and loveseats and sectionals come in as many sizes as there are rooms! If you have purchased a new larger home that will accommodate a larger furniture set but your current home is small, your home will not show as well as it could if you use the larger over-sized furniture!! Buyers want to see the right scale of furniture in the right space. Just because it will work in your new space, doesn’t mean it will work well in your old space! Do what works for the space to get a fast sale and move on!

If you have not yet purchased a new home, then I do not recommend purchasing furniture. Until you see the space it will be moving into – how do you know it will fit? It’s so important to measure the doorways and the height of the ceiling at the doorway. Sometimes, a sofa can go in on its side and be spun into the room if the height is adequate, but not always. Is there a corner or wall immediately when you enter the doorway? Will it affect how you can bring your furniture in? Is there another doorway or patio door that could be used as an alternate entrance? Before you run out to go shopping, make sure your new purchase will be able to fit through the doorway to get into your new (or old) home! 

It’s also important to take into account the layout of both the old room and the new space the furniture will be moving into. Sometimes a sectional will work much better depending on the other focal points and doorways or walkways in a room. Sometimes a sofa or small sectional and 2 chairs will work better. You simply cannot buy furniture for a space until you know what the space is. It can be hard enough to find a home in the right price range and neighborhood without having to worry about getting your new furniture in.

So when getting your home ready for sale, if your existing furniture is too old or dated and you want something new, renting furniture is the way to go. It’s fast and easy! Your Stager will ensure it is the appropriate furniture size, style and color for your space and should have all the accessories to make that first impression, a lasting impression that gets your home sold quickly and easily!