Refresh your Space with the Beautiful Colors of Spring

accessory P1080464 P1080466We’ve been so busy with staging the last few weeks that we actually have had to go shopping to top off our stock selections. This is rare as I carry quite a wide range of stock in many different colors. I’ve so enjoyed the beautiful colors available for décor accents. The hues are so lovely, bright and reminiscent of our beautiful spring colors. Just perfect for clients who wish to give their space a quick inexpensive “refreshed look”.

Red is always one of my favorites and can be found everywhere. Touches of red can be found in anything from artwork, to small accent pieces to area rugs and even furniture. Red is a strong color. It makes a strong statement. It can be quite classy, when used in just the right amounts. If overwhelming, it can make small space feel almost angry. Red is color of energy. Red is most often paired with greys and blacks and whites. However, it also works well with brown and gold tones. If used modestly, your space will look fabulous!

A new color is yellow. Yellow is a wonderful soft accent color. It’s full of vitality, like the sunshine! However, it is a much softer color than red. Where red is strong and bold, yellow is soft and pretty. It’s also a perfect complement color for greys, blacks and whites. I usually choose a bit of whimsy in my accents for yellow. Yellow is fun and playful to decorate with.

Purple is still quite a popular color for décor. There are a multitude of hues. One of my favorites is violet in the blue – purple side of the spectrum. Then everything to a vibrant orchid at the other end of the purple spectrum. As long as you stay with similar hues when selecting your accent colors – the room will always look stunning. Purple is a majestic color. It makes any space look elegant and regal.

Green is a newer color that has been around for a few years now and its beginning to grow on me more and more. It’s a lime green. It’s very similar to the grass and trees of spring. You can have so much fun with green! It’s a carefree color and suggests playfulness and the outdoors. The number and selection of décor items I’ve recently seen in this color has been staggering! All suggest whimsy and playful nature in the rooms they adorn.

Blacks, greys, and whites are our base colors. Decorating in a monochromatic color scheme (hues of the same color) is quite common and lends a very clean feeling to a room. Just the right shades mixed together can make for a very interesting space. It can be quite elegant; or casual and welcoming, it depends on the items selected and the range of hues in the design scheme. 

Before you head out to the store and get overwhelmed with the selections, select an accent color you really like. Then pick up some beautiful accessories to give your space a whole new personality! It’s so cost effective to change just accent pieces. If you replace artwork, area rug, throw pillows and some beautiful accent pieces, you can change the whole personality of a space! Your costs – maybe $400 – $1000, depending on your budget and much you “want” to spend. Freshening up a space can be really cost effective! So decide what colors will make you feel the best about your space and have some fun! The results may just surprise you.