Staging a Home Requires Time and Planning

LR3after2kr LR3after3kr LR3KIRbefore LR23krbeforeThere is a tremendous amount of space and color planning that goes into a stage job, long before we ever arrive at the home to set up. We take into account traffic flow patterns and windows, as well as the main focal point of the room upon entering. Then we must design around any existing furniture in the room, before adding our design elements. The room design is all planned around these main features.

The first thing we look at is the layout and the best furniture placement to showcase the space. Sometimes a sectional simply works better than multiple pieces and other times, the reverse is required. Each room is different and each room requires its own unique layout. 

The next part of the design that must be considered are the colors. What colors are the walls, flooring, and ceiling? What are the colors of the existing furniture pieces and how do we best plan a design that uses the existing colors and brings in that small accent color that makes a room stand out? Choosing the right accent color is very important. Too many different colors in a room can be overwhelming for any space. It’s critical to have just the right proportions of main color, complimentary color, and accent color.

Lighting has a huge impact on how a space is viewed. It can be light and bright or dark and shadowed. Mood lighting or accent lighting can have a fabulous effect on a room. Bathrooms should be bright. Task lighting such as under counter lighting in a kitchen can make a great space seem amazing!! 

Finally, all the small accents and details that make a room look incredible must be planned out to the last detail. What do we place in that empty corner? Which walls require artwork or mirrors and which ones should remain bare? What areas require an area rug and which do not? What do we use as an accent on the table? These must all be the right proportion, color and style to suit the home and its décor.

Everything about a stage job is planned out to the last smallest detail, long before we arrive on stage day. Most of the work has been completed before we arrive. Once all items are selected, they are wrapped and packed for transport and moved to the location. If we are moving large furniture, and furniture rental is required, we must find the right furniture and arrange for rental and moving for the stage date.

When we finally arrive at the stage location, home owners are often surprised at how quickly we set things up. We have every accessory and piece of furniture planned to the last detail. The setup is the easy and fast part! Depending upon the size of the job, it can take anywhere from a few hours to 4-5 hours to set up on site. However, when you include the movers, we often have between 4-5 people working on the basic set up, and 2-3 completing the accessorizing. That is anywhere from a minimum of 4 man hours to 20+ man hours on site for one job! When you add the design and planning time that takes place before and the packing and de-stage time afterwards, it’s easy to see how the hours add up. 

The planning, design and prep phase of any job is almost always equal to or greater than the time on site. Making it look simple and easy comes with experience. However, the reality is that good design takes time and lots of planning!