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Stage Your New Build for Maximum Impact!

Staged bedroom

Staged bedroom

We always have a few New Builds or complete Renovation/Flip projects staged at any given time. We do our best to provide the best design possible to compliment the space. However, there are definite steps a builder or renovator can take to ensure they have the best “look” for their staging. We stock a wide range of furniture and accessories but for the best design we need to plan well in advance.

A New Build or complete reno and flip process typically takes months from start to finish. The best time to get a Designer/Home Stager involved is from the beginning. We are more than capable of providing a color scheme or sample board to achieve any style. However, the real reason you want to call your Home Stager at the beginning of the project is so we can see your vision for the property and begin planning the furniture well in advance. We also carry Hunter Douglas blinds and fabrics for custom drapery. This gives us the luxury of planning a beautifully finished space well before your project is ready for market. We also have the opportunity to order in the right furniture & décor to ensure we provide just the right design for your space. When we order furniture in, it usually takes anywhere from 2-4 weeks for the furniture to arrive. We need to build it, inventory it, before we can send it out on a stage job. This means, if you wait until a week before the home is ready for market – we simply do not have the time to get in the best furniture & décor options for your space.

Our inventory changes daily this time of the year. We have had weeks of 2 stage jobs a day. This means coordinating the furniture coming in and going back out is an everchanging struggle. When we know we have a more expensive home, show home or display suite to stage, we begin to reserve the right furniture for the space weeks in advance to ensure we can provide the right design. If we only have a week notice or less, we are can only plan the design from the immediate stock on hand. There are times when we have hit the lottery and the perfect pieces come back into stock from a home that just sold just in time to stage a display suite, but this is rare. The best plan is to give us as much notice as possible. Our policy is to ensure we provide the best design to each confirmed project. This means if you have booked us for staging, we will begin to reserve furniture from the time of booking.

We have even tried to purchase product locally in the city, only to be told they will need to order it in from their warehouse in Toronto, or Calgary and we are looking at 2-3 weeks for delivery. This is the industry norm. Just because a furniture retailer has something on their showroom floor or website, doesn’t mean they will have it available for delivery tomorrow. There is “stock” furniture which is display furniture but not for sale until the retailer no longer wishes to carry that piece and clears it out. They will rarely sell the floor models. There is “warehouse” furniture, which is the better sellers they keep stocked in their warehouse and need to ship in. This doesn’t help me when I’m trying to plan a job in a few days.

Depending upon the selling price for the property, there are some simple steps to take to get it sold quickly and minimize your carrying costs. Work with your Design/Home Stager from the beginning. Buyers love to see to home well decorated for that Maximum Impact! It’s the look they fall in love with as much as the house. Take the time to plan for window coverings and drapery for the main rooms. This is something that can be a huge after purchase expense and turn buyers away from your show home in favor of one that has planned the window coverings and furniture months in advance for a perfect designer home. Finally, work with your home stager well in advance to provide you with the best possible furniture and décor to compliment your New Build. As the market tightens up and houses sit for sale longer, the extra planning and staging expense can save you months of holding costs sitting for sale with few showings and no offers.