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Photo Shoot Stage vs. Stage Job for Sale

staged living room

Have you ever admired the photos in home decorating magazines? I know I have and can sometimes use them for inspiration. It is always a good idea to stay on top of current looks, colors and trends. However, we must keep in mind that we still must keep the décor appropriate for the home or condo we are staging.

Photo shoots typically take place in one day. We are able to use fresh flowers, beautiful bakery goods, breads and cheeses, and many other accents to showcase a space. These just don’t work when we are staging a home long term. Sometimes clients will ask me if I use “real” stuff and I have to explain why it is not practical unless a home is occupied and the home owner can provide fresh goods. After all no one wants to walk into a beautifully staged home full of fruit flies and moldy produce. When working on a photo shoot – everything is planned well in advance and all items and props are brought in well in advance. The perishables are often purchased that day or the day before to ensure maximum freshness for close ups.

When staging we are more often required to use non-perishable goods. This can be anything from décor pieces to perishable replicas (fake foods). Having the right combination to showcase a space long term while keeping counters clutter free and appealing is the main focus of staging for sale. We can use a wide variety of décor items in almost any room. The fun starts when we start combining non-traditional clusters. There are just so many different options and looks we can achieve.

My challenge to our girls for the summer is to get really creative and see what we can create for stunning accents that look like a photo shoot but out of necessity are for stage jobs. Within hours, I had them sending me an assortment of photographs of collections from our stock they wished to try out. We will continue working with this new twist. I’m really looking forward to the options we find and the new looks we will create.

Sometimes we all get stuck in rut when decorating our own home or even when staging. We get accustomed to the same pieces going in the same places and can fail to see the other options. I find this so often when we do consults for clients. I will easily re-arrange certain pieces of furniture and/or décor in their homes for a better look. They are often surprised that they had never thought of doing so themselves. That is the added bonus of a fresh pair of eyes. It is similar in staging. We get crazy busy and sometimes fall into the pattern of doing a similar look because we know how well it worked and how quickly the houses have been selling. I have to force myself to stop now and then and challenge ourselves to find a different way that looks equally as good or better! Surprisingly it really is not that difficult. We have a large assortment of options and new stock arriving so we can change up a look for a fresh new design.

So our challenge for the next few looks will be to create photo shoot worthy rooms using the best props we can find. Can’t wait to take this to the next level and as always, have fun! Creating beautiful spaces is a wonderful way to spend your days!