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Highlights from IDS 2015 and CGTA Show 2015


We had a fabulous time learning about all the new great new decor and trends in the building industry coming for 2015. Such an exciting time to be working in the residential design and renovation industry! We have so many new goodies coming for the Staging side of the business, just can’t wait for them to start arriving. I must admit, I got a little carried away ordering! Felt like the proverbial “kid in a candy store”. So many wonderful decor pieces I “just HAD to have!” We were looking for a new warehouse when we left, now the urgency is really there! We need more room for all the wonderful décor pieces!

One of the most intriguing trends this year is LED lighting. We still see every form of under counter lighting. A new trend is a wonderful strip of LED lights just under your countertop. This can be from a cool white to an eye stopping blue. What colors do you want to see and how “fab” do you want your kitchen design to be? There are 2 main places we see this lighting – actually between the counter and the top of the lower cabinetry – or so it appears…hehe – … it’s all in the expertise of the installation but the effect is so COOL! The effect is quite outstanding creating an “other worldly” appeal that is very “new age”. 

The other option for installing the LED lighting is at the junction of the counter and the inside corner of the cabinetry below the seating area of the island. We see this effect quite often in bars, restaurants and lounges and now we are witnessing the slow migration into residential homes. The lighting illuminates the lower side of your beautiful cabinetry on the island, making it look that much better. Wonderful “mood lighting” effect that really creates an interesting focal point and an amazing conservation piece.

Lighting itself has gone from some really neat designs that worked well to works of art that have now become the highlight and the focal point of many spaces. You may spend a bit more on it, but then, when simplicity is the key and you want that wow factor, lighting is certainly the way to go. Understated design utilizes the magic of décor lighting to provide the space with that finishing touch of high end impact! So don’t be scared to look at what’s out there, you may just be surprised by what you find.

Another repeating trend that has only gotten stronger is the “old is new”. Anything retro or weathered and distressed is the way to go. We have seen this in anything from building materials, to décor! Old weathered “barn” flooring, “aged” tile, reclaimed materials for furniture – everything old is new and in hot demand! Of course some always have that unique little spin on it and mix old with a little bling for that real outstanding piece! The amount of furniture and décor that we saw in this theme was overwhelming, so expect so keep seeing more of it at your favourite retail locations and in my designs!

Natural building products are making a huge statement in design. Whether it is metals, natural stone, or woods! Natural is the way to go! We saw large slabs of trees with the bark still on, used as coffee and dining tables, fireplace mantles, chairs, almost anything you can imagine! There was even one vendor at the IDS show featuring prehistoric building materials! Imagine a sink carved out of a “petrified” fossilized tree that turned to stone! Or décor pieces that had fossils imbedded in the piece itself! Nothing seems to be off limits in our quest for “natural” design elements we bring into our homes. Metals are back in everything from showers and baths to wall panels and even in furniture! We saw a lot of copper and brushed nickel and even the odd bit of iron. 

Finally, wall paper, is coming back stronger each year. The styles and color/design options seems to be getting more appealing and versatile. I even saw a home recently that had wallpaper on the ceiling, a common practice in Europe! It really added a warmth to the space versus the standard cold drywall and ceiling paint. If done in the right fabric/texture it can even add an acoustic quality to the space, absorbing sound and making a large space feel more intimate and muffling the echo. So if you are looking for something neat and different for that accent wall, you may wish to consider some wall paper options for your next renovation.

We are so blessed to work in such an incredible industry! Always so many options available to suit any taste and any budget. Our only limitation is often our imagination. It’s always so fun to look at a space and just imagine the possibilities… Enjoy!