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Principles of Timeless Design

Timeless design allows you to update a space that will look as classic and fresh today as it will in 5 years or 10 years or even more.  Unfortunately, many people get stuck on the latest and greatest trends.  Trends can be funky and fun but they can also be expensive if not taken into consideration when planning a design.   It is especially important when considering re-sale of your home.  Not everyone will love bright red kitchen cabinetry, or bright lime green doors.  Always remember those colors may be really popular now – but in 4 years it’s dated (the new latest and greatest colors are very different) in 6 years its old and in 8 years you look stuck in the last decade…. There is a Color Panel of leading industry experts in Europe that determine exactly what the colors trends will be for the coming year. These colors are then incorporated into all aspects of design from accessories to furniture and more.  Problem is this is always changing…. 

How many times have you walked in somewhere and instantly thought “that is so 80’s or 90’s”?  Designing “on trend” creates a time stamp on the space.  If your client insists they LOVE the latest and greatest and absolutely must have it – then let’s have some fun!  How we incorporate those trend colors will have a significant impact on the longevity of the design.  The first thing to determine is how long does your client enjoy a space before it becomes old and needs re-doing?  For some people it can be as little as a year or two, for others it’s more in the 5-7 year range.  How long will they be remaining in the space?  Any plans to sell in the next 5 years or less? This is important to know because now the design has to appeal to future buyers.  How frequently do they re-do a space and to what extent?  Do they completely gut it and start from scratch? Or do they only plan on doing their kitchen once in 20 years.  A Designer must take all these factors into account when planning the design.

If they have a limitless budget and enjoy changing frequently, then by all means – give them the fun and funky kitchen cabinets with all the bells and whistles.  However, most clients have a limited budget and don’t enjoy the hassle and disruption renovations bring to their household.  They would rather do a major renovation only when necessary.  So if they tend to get tired of a space in 3-5 years, it’s critical that we plan for easy changes to freshen up a space that will minimize cost and disruption to their lives.  For example, using timeless cabinetry, countertops, appliances and flooring will keep the cost of updates down.  If you have laminate countertops – they can be replaced at a reasonable cost and can really change the look of your kitchen. Paint is your least costly change and very easy to do in just a few days!  It can really change the look and feel of a space.  Backsplash tiles can be another fun way to update and give a new look without major expense and disruption.  Finally accessories are easy to replace and can be color coordinated with the new tile and paint to give a whole new look.  Voila! You’ve just refreshed a space you’ve grown tired of with very minimal expense.  Keeping your major expense items in the timeless category (i.e. flooring & cabinets) and changing up paint and accessories keeps your home looking fresh, current and makes it easy to re-sell with little effort and next to no notice. 

Life throws us curve balls from time to time.  If you suddenly get transferred or have to move, those lime green doors and bright red cabinets can easily become an obstacle to selling your home.  However, you LOVE the splash of color and insist on having something fun!  No problem.  We can incorporate red plates, red accessories, red artwork, we can satisfy your craving for color while still maintaining a timeless overall design that appeals to the greatest number of people.  What I’m saying is never forgo your desire for that punch of color.  I love color – its makes rooms and life interesting!  However, use color in the things that can be changed at minimal cost and minimal effort.  This ensures you will always be happy with your accent colors, but more importantly the money you spend on your major renovation will be money well spent for many years to come!

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Creating a Picture Perfect Invitation for Buyers

Most Buyers shop for Homes using the internet, statistics say more than 90% of Buyers look on-line first!  Having beautiful photographs on-line that really showcase your Home is critical to generating the interest to book those showings.

Having the appropriate furniture for the character and style of your home is a must.  However, equally important is the scale and proportion of your furniture.  In an expansive open concept great room, having large scale furniture can look just right for the space!  However, that same furniture will completely overwhelm a smaller space and visually make the room appear even smaller than it already is.  Buyers are always evaluating whether your rooms will fit their belongings.  If your furniture is too large for the room, it gives the impression that the room itself is too small (not that the furniture is too big).  Buyers leave with the impression that their furniture will never fit in your home.  Definitely not the message you want to send to Buyers!

This common problem, often found in living rooms and bedrooms, can be easily corrected by removing unnecessary pieces.  In a bedroom, you need a bed and night table, but not the additional dresser, desk and chest of drawers.  Remove the additional pieces and ensure your bed is positioned in a manner that allows adequate traffic flow.  Suddenly, the tight cramped space becomes open and inviting!  In the living room, often we have a sofa, loveseat and chair, as well as a 3 piece table set.  If we remove the loveseat, you suddenly make the room appear much larger and more functional.  Sometimes, we find one or two very large scale “over stuffed” pieces.  The California King bed in a regular bedroom – too large a piece is as bad as too many pieces.  The “scale” of the furniture must be appropriate for the space.  Storing the larger furniture temporarily and bringing in a smaller scale piece of furniture more appropriate for the space will showcase the room much better.

We send a strong message with our furniture placement as well.  It’s important to remember to keep natural traffic flow patterns clear for Buyers to freely walk from one room to another.  Forcing them to wiggle between furniture or walls will not leave a good impression.  A common rule is 3 feet wide for a walkway.  Keep rooms inviting.  Closing off a room with the back of a large piece of furniture at the entry to a room, sends a psychological barrier “not to enter” vs. an open furniture arrangement that invites Buyers to “come on in”.  Sometimes, positioning furniture correctly for a space can be a challenge.  Consulting with a Professional Home Stager will ensure you send the right message to potential Buyers.

Getting your home Ready for Sale can take a bit of work.  However, if you take the time to do it right, you’ll ensure your home is on the “short list” of homes to see!  So get your home Picture Perfect before your Realtor comes to snap those photos. Remember, it’s equally important to show the Buyer the Home as it appears in the photos.   So ensure you keep it looking its best for all showings!

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